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Happy Birthday iGuzzini Norway

The Norwegian branch celebrates its 20th
iGuzzini kick-started its internationalisation process in the 1980s through "pocket multinationals”, an initiative aiming to transform foreign branches into vital nodes capable of generating cultural and professional connections in their respective countries. This impetus led iGuzzini to Northern Europe, where it opened its Oslo branch in 1998.

iGuzzini was the first manufacturer to introduce the use of spotlights with different colour temperatures into the retail world. In fact, the Norwegian branch inaugurated this through a major project for Norgesgruppen, the largest consumer goods retailer in Scandinavia. In this project, light was not merely functional, it was designed to influence consumers’ perception. Warm light was used to emphasize produce such as bread and pastries, meat, fruit and vegetables, while cold light was used to enhance the freshness of frozen food, fish and cleaning products.

iGuzzini’s international branches are core nodes able to create stable and solid relationships with customers locally, offering technical consultancy and on-site assistance. Thanks to the Norwegian subsidiary, iGuzzini has been involved in important projects throughout Northern Europe, across all application areas. To name a few: the Imagine Peace Tower, Reykjavik (with Yoko Ono); some areas of Keflavík International Airport, Reykjavik; the Nobel Peace Centre Museum, Oslo; the Bjørvika neighbourhood, Oslo; Østbanehallen, Oslo; the Honey Headquarter, Oslo, and the Blue Lagoon hotel in Iceland, one of the most famous hospitality centre in the world.
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