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Smart lighting: illuminating the future of connected cities

The online conference "Smart lighting: illuminating the future of connected cities" proposed by Messe Frankfurt Italia and aimed at architects, engineers and surveyors, to illustrate the latest innovations in urban lighting, has just ended. 

Antonio Levantesi, iGuzzini Connectivity Senior Manager has deepened the role of light in smart cities and smart and sustainable technologies, sharing real case studies.   
8% of the environmental impact of a lighting fixture comes from the production phase, 92% from its use. It is here that iGuzzini acts to reduce CO2 emissions, proposing lighting fixtures increasingly efficient in terms of lm/W and promoting the use of control systems that increase overall energy savings. In addition, the lighting infrastructure can also be used to provide services that go 'beyond the light' such as sending content to the visitor’s smartphone thanks to bluetooth beacon technology.  

Citygrid, one of the iGuzzini wireless systems, is an intelligent smart lighting control system that increases energy savings in road, park, bike and parking applications. The system is plug&play or customizable in a simple way.  

Using this cloud-connected system, users can remotely monitor and manage lighting systems thanks to the dashboard, with analytics, reporting and receiving emails in case of malfunction. 

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