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From chaos to order. Blade R develops the concept of integration in architecture to improve people’s well-being through the smart activation of safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services.

Invisible source, ultimate comfort.
Blade R cuts across ceilings, liberating light and creating a circular ring of just 2 cm.

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Blade R Overview

alternative text
ø 80
alternative text
ø 125
alternative text
ø 170
alternative text
ø 170 double

Light beyond light

Blade R + customisable cover
ø 80 / ø 125 / ø 170 / ø 170 double

Blade R has a number of different, standard and order-only finishes. To ensure the device blends in completely with the architecture, the central cover is customisable and can be painted any colour to match the ceiling.
<div>Blade R + customisable cover<br />
<span class="text-white font-size-m smaller-font helvetica-light">ø 80 / ø 125 / ø 170 / ø 170 double</span></div>

Extreme Reliability All Blade R integrated solutions have been tested and certified in compliance with standards regarding luminaires* to guarantee their correct operation also when other devices are attached. (This includes safety, electromagnetic compatibility, photobiological risk and photometry). Blade R_All in One, in terms of reliability too.

*Lighting: EN 60598-1/ EN 60598-2-2/ EN 60598-2-22 , EN 62471 - IEC 62778 , EN 55015/EN 61000-3-2 /EN 61000-3-3/ EN 61547, EN 13032-4