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Lighting Innovation for People

We want to be recognized as an International Group focusing on research and innovation, aiming to enable the development of intelligent indoor and outdoor lighting systems which can improve the environment and the quality of people’s lives.

Our strategic thinking targets the continuous improvement of our processes, our products and our services. It aims to be open in terms of new partnerships and highly valuable development opportunities. We intend to pursue long-term sustainable growth, striving for excellent financial and market performance in order to satisfy stakeholders, collaborators, clients, partners, professionals throughout all the territories where we operate.


Curiosity and imagination, creativity and initiative are essential elements of our way of being, thinking and working.

We are proud of our traditional penchant for research, which has shaped our entrepreneurial mindset as well as our contributions to industry development.


We contribute to the development of the international community by maintaining strong relationships with our land and traditions.

We enjoy operating in a vast network that enhances diversity as a source for growth.

We want a light that can illuminate the smiles of the people we meet on the street, because that is a light that creates happiness and that spreads around.


Our work promotes wellbeing for people, for society and for the environment.

Care and development for people, empathy, collaboration and mutual confidence are key principles for every activity we undertake.


Ethics, morals and respect for rules are our guidelines to guaranteeing sustainable growth for people, geographical areas and society.

We invest in security and environmental sustainability on a daily basis in order to protect everyone’s future.