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Product Type
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A new spa for the Bogogno Golf Resort

About Project

Bogogno is a cutting edge golf resort with two championship 18-hole courses, Bonora and Del Conte, designed by the great Robert von Hagge against the backdrop of Monte Rosa.

The Bogogno Golf Hotel has recently been extended and now offers 50, instead of 32 rooms, as well as a gym with Technogym machines and a brand new spa that offers guests even greater opportunities for relaxation. The refurbishment project is firmly founded on energy saving criteria and a focus on eco and recycled materials. Its hallmark, in fact, is the use of recycled “bricola” wood - authentic Venetian oak lagoon poles that have been regenerated, cut into planks and planed by hand. This recycled wood has been used throughout the spa in different ways to create partition walls, waiting areas and even the reception counter.

The beauty of these oak planks with their weathered knots and grain meets the client’s specifications for a cosy and inviting atmosphere perfectly. They offer a clear reference to the natural world outside and the forests around the resort, that is further emphasized by the birch trunk prints on the spa windows and wallpaper. The lighting design also emphasizes this mood of warmth, welcome and relaxation with discreetly positioned, mainly recessed luminaires. These include Laser and Laser Blade luminaires in the corridors, transit area and treatment cabins and graphic Underscore light lines, like the ones used to illuminate the corridors and highlight the bold sail feature on the reception ceiling. In the individual rooms, pendant Cup luminaires have been installed instead of classic bedside lamps.

The materials used, the comfort of the interiors, the physical exercise facilities, the spa and the lighting design all work together to create a perfect mood of total relaxation for guests.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Bogogno Golf Resort
  • Architectural project:
    Pietro Ingignoli
    Alessandro Ardizio
    Massimo Pascuzzo
    Paolo Valentini
  • Lighting project:
    Attico Interni
  • Interior design:
    Attico Interni
  • Photographer:
    Matteo Cirenei

Project Quote

"Light is matter. Above all, matter that, when illuminated, creates its own reality. In the lighting design for the Bogogno Golf Club and its Attico Interni spa annex, the concealed lighting that washes over the “bricola” wood plank panelling and the design of the recessed ceiling luminaires create an idea of visual and physical well-being that is in perfect harmony with this location. "

Giorgio Tartaro

Products Used:

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