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Be Green Benetton


About Project

Benetton has opened a new store concept in Florence, characterised by advanced, sustainable energy-saving technologies that make it a genuine forerunner of a new low environmental impact approach to retail.

The result of considerable research and innovation, the new store is part of a sustainability project that Benetton is developing to consolidate its best practices, improve its social and environmental performance throughout its supply chain and become a model in Italy and the world for sustainable fashion.

The sales point covers a single floor of 160 square metres featuring natural regenerated materials. The floor consists of gravel from the Piave river and wood from beech trees blown down by the Vaia storm. The walls are treated with bacteria and mould-resistant mineral paint that also reduces the pollutants in the environment.

In addition to the natural materials, there are also materials created with a mixture of textile industry rejects. Used buttons (that are difficult to dispose of) have been mixed with hydro-resin to become perimeter platforms and exhibition stand bases. Recycled wool (in its raw roving state) has been reused as a pattern on the perimeter coating and a decoration for the changing room curtains. And a special material, called “rossino” made from mixed recycled textile fibres adds life to the shelves, exhibition bases and mannequins.

Energy consumption has also been reduced by 20% compared to a normal store. Thanks to tiny sensors, artificial intelligence and data analysis, a system has been designed that allows the energy efficiency of the sales point to be maximised and customer comfort to be guaranteed by automatically controlling systems according to the flow of people present.

iGuzzini has helped reduce energy consumption thanks to its luminaires, which are fitted with DALI technology that can interact with the entire artificial intelligence system by modulating light intensity in relation to the physical and technical inputs and people flow.

Inside the store, Laser Blade and Underscore luminaires have been chosen according to the materials used and their high percentage of recycled and easily recyclable material. Laser Blade luminaires have been installed parallel to the panels that distinguish the store’s ceiling, whereas the recessed luminaires that complete the design are located at right angles and project a cone of light directly onto the panels. The Underscore luminaires, on the other hand, are used at the base of some of the design zones, which in this way appear light and add movement to space.

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    Benetton Group
  • Architectural project:
    Retail design dpt - Benetton Group
  • Lighting project:
    Retail Design dpt + Engineering dept
  • Photographer:
    Marco Zanin Benetton Group

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