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Product Type
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Essenza Lucano, a new exhibiting space for Amaro Lucano


About Project

Essenza Lucano is an interactive, multimedia exhibiting space where objects, images and videos are used to narrate the history of the Vena Family spanning over a hundred years, of a long-standing know-how and a cherished land, in a transversal, tangible fashion.

An evocative journey in 5 different chapters that come together in 5 different themes: Lucania, Lucano, Amaro, History and Pacchiana- the female figure on the labels and symbol of Lucano hard work - dedicated to exploring the winning ingredients of the history of a family that started out by producing a liqueur with its roots in the depths of local tradition, and became one of the most important companies in the country in the spirits industry, its famous liqueur and its homeland, Lucania.

Designed by the architect, Ralph Giannone - originally from Lucania but emigrated across the Atlantic - from the GPAIA Associates firm in Toronto as an extension of the production site at Pisticci Scalo, Essenza Lucano firstly impacts the nose and then the eyes thanks to an inebriating and unmistakeable aroma of 32 officinal herbs that guide visitors from the vast aromatic garden into the entrance courtyard, where the ingredients that make up the liqueur's formula can be seen close at hand.

Considerable focus, therefore, was placed on the exterior lighting of the headquarters that can be seen from the road. iPro projectors punctuate the light and shadow areas of the façade. In the green areas, where the essences used for the production of Amaro Lucano can be found, the iWay bollards and the Walky wall recesses guarantee safe passage along the walkways while the visible points of attraction are created by Typha and Waterapp equipment inside the tanks, while Palco InOut projectors create light areas between the essences. The Light Up Orbit recesses mark and outline the flowerbed edges.

Inside, the journey extends along a series of exhibiting spaces, evenly lit and diffused by Palco projectors with flood optics while one's gaze is drawn by the same projectors with spot optics towards the antique walnut presses and traditional sills that are displayed like sculptures. Some of the red painted through-areas are particularly attractive, where iN30 equipment is used for general lighting. The spaces set aside for tasting and experiential visits, on the other hand, are characterised by Laser equipment both in the suspension and recess versions. All of it is managed by a Light Management System to create different scenarios.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Lucano 1894
  • Architectural project:
    GPAIA - Ralph Giannone
    Domenico Martino
  • Lighting project:
    GPAIA - Ralph Giannone
    Domenico Martino
  • Photographer:
    Luca Petrucci