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George Place


About Project

George Place is a new district created from the refurbishment of three commercial buildings in the centre of Sydney, that have now been combined to create a homogeneous area.

Thanks to this move, George Street and York Street are now connected by a new covered pedestrian walkway and an elevated lobby that overlooks an atrium at the centre of the structure. The atrium is a space created with high quality material, a wooden coffered ceiling and stone-faced walls with textures that recall the panelling on the ceiling.

The venue’s most distinctive feature is the lighting design installed in the ceiling and walls by Ramus to meet the needs of the activities performed within the space. The intensity, colour and rhythm all change. During the central hours of the day the colours are livelier and the light moves faster, whereas during the afternoon and night, everything calms down to create a more relaxing environment.

The iGuzzini Laser Blade family luminaires have black frames, so they blend into the environment and help provide general lighting especially in transit areas. The family’s comprehensive range has allowed different types of luminaires while also guaranteeing a uniform style. In the central lobby, Laser Blade Adjustable luminaires integrate the coloured effect to ensure that any form of glare is checked. In the elevator access zones, on the other hand, the lighting designer opted for Laser Blade L luminaires, whereas for other lobbies in the complex, Laser Blade L and Laser Blade XS luminaires were chosen.

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  • Architectural project:
    Fender Katsalidis
  • Lighting project:
    NDY Light
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  • Photographer:
    Rohan Venn