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Hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Suites


About Project

The Royal Hideaway Corales Suites hotel, located on the Adeje Coast, south of Tenerife (Spain), was designed by the well-known local architect, Leonardo Omar. It opened its doors in January 2018 and, since then, it has established a new concept in hotel luxury and turned accommodation into a byword for experience.

Inspired by the sea and the Canary Islands scenery, its external structure emulates a boat anchored by the coast, while its interiors reference marine features like coral and the seabed.

This bond with nature and the sea is present in both the guestrooms and the communal areas, as well as in one of the two reception halls, which includes a spectacular grotto. With its natural rock walls and small interior lagoons, this area looks like a real underwater cave and is furnished with beautiful contemporary fittings.

Other typical elements of the Canary Islands, like sunlight, climate, and spectacular sea and mountain views are combined with excellent food and wine and a vast range of exciting outdoor activities. The architect Leonardo Omar has a close relationship with the natural beauty of these islands and he nearly always seeks to integrate it in his designs. So, the architecture cannot be understood on its own, but only in its unique context.

The lighting system has also been designed by the ClickOn Studio according to these principles. In the communal and transit areas, light plays a leading role by blending functional lighting provided by recessed Laser Blade luminaires with decorative effects. In the corridors of the various villas, picturesque light blade illumination is created by Trick luminaires. In the reception area, the iPro RGB projectors and the ground-recessed Light Up Earth Wall Washer luminaires create a range of different, coloured atmospheres that move continuously as they are projected on the natural rock wall. This high definition system can also be used to create spectacular virtual events, like volcanic eruptions or blossoming coral growth. In the outdoor light system, particular care has been taken to avoid light pollution. The Canary Islands are a real paradise, not only for their natural beauty, but also for the quality of astronomical observation found here. That is why there are two important European astronomical observatories here. Around the pools, recessed Light Up Balisage luminaires create grazing light effects, whereas the various patios overlooking them are homogeneously lit using recessed Laser luminaires.

The textures of the rock wall along the main walkway are emphasized by ground-recessed Light Up Orbit luminaires. In 2018, the Corales Suites hotel won the Best Hotel in the World prize at the European Hospitality Awards (London). This prize rewards a new concept of hotel where the main concepts adopted by the "Leonardo Omar Architects" studio are based on pure and distinctive architectural elements, such as sharply defined forms, open spaces and functionality.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Reyes Property, S.L.
  • Architectural project:
    Leonardo Omar
  • Lighting project:
    ClickOn Studio
  • Engineering:
    Ingegneria CTA
  • Installation:
    Elettricità Tenerife - Electro Molina SA
  • Photographer:
    Maxim Deknock