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IBM Centre

About Project

The Software Executive Briefing Center in Rome was completely refurbished and significantlyextended. The entire project, for an innovative and captivating reworking of the famous “stripes” of the IBM logo, is by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and his firm. Cutting edge audio-visual technologies were carefully selected to provide guests with a comfortable environment and an experience with high added value. The new Software Executive Briefing Center in Rome is in the same structure that houses the IBM Software Group International development laboratory. The IBM Software Executive Briefing Program was designed to offer events which are professionally managed to maximise the value of the time that clients spend with IBM. Any “briefing”, wherever it takes place, usually includes presentations and demos, to familiarise clients with the running of the events they take part it. By listening, discussing and illustrating how new IBM technologies can help people face and solve technical and business problems, we move away from the traditional idea of top-down communication, and towards a place for useful discussion: a new Agora (Greek assembly area). Particular care was paid to these discussion areas, including the use of artificial lighting to create a comfortable environment: pendant or continuous strip Lens luminaires were used in the projection and meeting rooms. Recessed LED Laser luminaires appear in addition to the Lens luminaires in the conference room. The main feature of the architectural space, that is to say, the soft lines of the areas, are emphasised with Ledstrips, actual strips of LEDs which can be adapted to the most diverse shapes. They were used both in the ceilings and the floors. In some cases fluorescent Reglette luminaires were also installed in the ceilings. Recessed Lineup luminaires were used in the reception area and above the bars in the bar area. The great diversity of goods for sale and of marketing policies adopted by manufacturing industries and the distribution network, necessitates the use of technical solutions providing maximum flexibility in the choice of correct shop lighting, and in this iGuzzini is certainly a leader.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    IBM Italy
  • Designer:
    Iosa Ghini Ass
  • Photographer:
    Santi Caleca

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