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Light Design Strategy - Piazza della Libertà

In 2019 the city of Macerata began implementing different projects for a new urban lighting system. These carefully targeted and planned tasks were defined in a Light Design Strategy compiled between 2017 and 2018 by the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts whose study programmes include a course on Light Design.

In June 2017 the Municipality of Macerata presented the “IN-Nova Macerata”, project, financed by regional funds. The project was the result of the city authorities listening to and exchanging ideas with a wide number of people in order to identify the right urban strategies for the Macerata of the Future. These included regenerating existing lighting in terms of both efficiency and new quality criteria. iGuzzini took part in this particular section of the overall project and proposed a general vision for the lighting projects, including the suggestion of drawing up a Lighting Plan and advising the Municipality to use local resources, like the Academy of Fine Arts.

The plan includes the city walls and a number of important areas within them, as well as the main city access roads. It is based on data gathered in an accurate analysis of the existing situation. The first part of the project in July 2019 focused on the Sferisterio and the area surrounding the Porta Mercato Gate as well as the Corso Cairoli and Corso Cavour thoroughfares. This part of the works was unveiled and presented to the citizens of Macerata on the same day as the opening of the Macerata Opera Festival.

The second part, including the entire Piazza della Libertà area at the heart of the historic centre was concluded a year later, in July 2020. This featured the Town Hall, the Loggia dei Mercanti, the Palazzo del Governo, the Church of Saint Paul, the Lauro Rossi Theatre, the Torre Civica (Clock Tower), Palazzo Amici, Palazzo Pallotta and Palazzo Rotale, and the square itself. These elements are the nodes for 8 subzones around which the Academy of Fine Arts has developed its architectural lighting project that combines both general and accent illumination.

The general lighting on the façades is created by Palco InOut luminaires, positioned mainly below the eaves of the buildings. Underscore InOut and Linealuce luminaires, placed at the base of the buildings, balconies, pilasters and cornices then build on this base by highlighting the architectural details. Trick luminaires outline the arches of the portals in the façades of the Lauro Rossi Theatre and other buildings in the square, while Fiamma pendant luminaires with a special finishing illuminate with general light both the Palazzo Comunale and the Loggia dei Mercanti. The various commemorative plaques, crests and relics of bygone eras, like those at the Palazzo del Governo, are enhanced by accent lighting created by small format Palco InOut projectors. The Torre Civica (clock tower) is lit by floodlights that create both general lighting and accent lighting aimed at the two clocks. Platea Pro RGBW projectors are located in the space that also houses the bells. In some cases, these change the aspect of the tower by adding a touch of dynamic and variable colour, thanks to the Quick DMX check system.

The choice of colour temperature for the entire square was made on the basis of the materials that characterise the context. This includes the predominant tones of the brickwork, that are emphasized by 3000 K luminaires, and the Istrian stone details, which are highlighted by a colour temperature of 4000 K to intensify their whiteness.

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    Municipality of Macerata
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    The Macerata Academy of Fine Arts - Francesca Cecarini
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    Studio Buschi