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New head offices for Maddalena Spa

The new Maddalena Spa offices, designed by the architect Alessandro Zuccolo, who also created the interiors, were completed at the end of 2019 to coincide with the celebrations for the company’s centenary. The new work spaces blend perfectly with the company’s dynamic spirit and the landscape in which they are located.

The construction’s design deliberately stimulates the different senses of the people using these spaces. First and foremost, by the view it affords of alpine and sub-alpine slopes seen through the glass curtain wall that outlines the offices while also offering a complete panorama of the surrounding landscape. The indoor spaces all have a direct visual connection to the outside world that allows those inside to experience the landscape, its colours and the way they change throughout the year. These continual variations inevitably catch the eye and encourage the viewer to notice the passing of the seasons while also offering the soothing sound of trickling fountains. In the outdoor spaces, that are designed to expand the work spaces into the world outside, the user’s sense of touch is caressed by a clear and uncompromising choice of materials. This includes smoothed concrete sheets and partitions created off site, stainless steel, river stone gravel and marble and slate chips. The result is a spellbinding tension between the calm intimacy of the oriental compositions and the dynamic, constantly evolving production context that is Maddalena Spa. In these outdoor environments, iWay Round bollards have been used. Slim and streamlined, they fit perfectly into the context defined by the architect Zuccolo.

The offices are accessed through a revolving door, covered by a cantilever roof in steel and wood. These interior spaces cover two floors and are linked by a double-height hall, featuring two striking architectural elements: a self-supporting staircase and a lift, both in glass and steel. The attention to technological detail can also be seen in the choice of non-invasive luminaires that fit perfectly into the architectural context. These are a coordinated combination of two and three cell Laser Blade L luminaires used in the executive offices and shared spaces, and continuous Laser Blade System 53 luminaires that underline the length of the corridors.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Maddalena SpA
  • Architectural project:
    Alessandro Zuccolo Architect
  • Work Director:
    Roberto Moretti
  • Photographer
    Luca Zuccolo - Zulupictures