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Private home in Panama

About Project

The flat is located in a recently constructed building in the Bella Vista district in Panama. The client is a young couple with no children who wanted only one bedroom. They also wanted a very private night zone and a bright, open space daytime area that included the kitchen, dining room and lounge. The original layout of the flat featured a well-structured design with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a service area next to the laundry. The main change in the new design is the inversion of the day and night areas, which has involved moving the front door and creating a closed space that allows the two different zones to be accessed independently. 
Two main materials define and characterise this space: wood and marble. The former is used for a structured, perfectly modular ceiling that rests on vertical faces that hide the supply and return air conditioning grilles. Whereas the second material, marble, has been chosen for the floor and the walls of the bathroom located between the bedroom and the dining room/lounge. The daytime zone is lit by a series of Astra luminaires that run along the top of the walls. At night, these recreate the effect of the natural light that floods through the window during the day. Laser Blade luminaires have also been used to intensify the general lighting in several areas of the house, from the day zone to the bedroom. Laser Blade luminaires have also been combined with X26 luminaires in the kitchen to create a beautifully lit cooking area. The Laser Blade luminaires are completely invisible, so the cones of light that focus on the work tops, table and  food appear as if by magic.
The flat is furnished with a selection of designer accessories and furniture,  including Patricia Urquiola bathroom fittings, a Norayr Khachatyran N7 dining table, as well as Piero Lissoni,  Sergio Bicego and Enzo Berti creations that all exist in harmony with each other and the space they exist in.

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    Maillol y Maillol
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    Fernando Alda

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