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Product Type
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Private residence in Manly


About Project

The luxury residential project, recently completed in Manly, New South Wales Australia, was designed by DKO Architecture. Based on long, uninterrupted horizontal lines and a colour palette derived from raw materials, left as often as possible in their authentic state.

Rounded edges and ample bands of glazing offer views over the beautiful and carefully curated greenery outside. A raw stacked stone wall that divides the indoors and outdoors is lit by Light Up luminaires, while recessed Laser Blade luminaires, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort, indicate the entrance to the home. Outdoors, again, the swimming pool seems to levitate on a base of light created by Underscore InOut luminaires.

The timber lined ceilings extend to the soffit, creating a series of seamless spaces that flow into each other, from open to closed and informal to formal in a style that is both refined and robust.

A large island bench forms the central meeting point of these homes and is completed by kitchen fittings in which natural stone and walnut wood blend perfectly. Lighting in this area is provided by black Laser Blade XS luminaires that are integrated in the wooden ceilings. Wall Washer optics light the artworks hung on the walls, while spot optics illuminate the work areas and the environment in general.

A sculptural concrete stairwell that connects the lounge to the bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor is emphasized by Underscore 15 luminaires built into the base of the steps. The same luminaire is recessed in the false ceiling of the living room to create an intimate light.

In the bathrooms, the general lighting of Laser Blade luminaires is combined with the gentler, more diffuse light created by the Underscore 15s installed in the back of the mirrors.

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  • Architectural project:
    DKO Architecture
    Laura Saunders Sydney office
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    Rohan Venn