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Signiel Hotel, Lotte World Tower


The most luxurious hotel in Korea is located between the 76th and the 101st floor of the Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in Seoul and the fifth tallest building in the world. The design conceived by the Wilson Associates firm is inspired by the idea of creating a "villa in the sky" and combines comfort and luxury with the traditionally Lotte touch of “Pursuing the Life Balance”.

Height is a key element in the team’s design. The hotel features distinctive double-height ceilings that transmit a sense of airiness, reminiscent of floating clouds, and therefore emphasizes the hotel’s unique setting. Its interiors also present a harmonious fusion of eastern and western elements centred on the national Korean flower, the hibiscus. The hibiscus appears in the hall, in the shape of an installation, and in white ceramics, behind the reception counter that is inspired by the traditional Korean domestic table.

Each of the 235 rooms in the Signiel Hotel are all individually designed too. The tower tapers as it rises and the Wilson Associates team have therefore adapted each room layout to suit the building’s changing shape. Every element of its interior design has also been carefully researched to transmit a mood of calm relaxation. Inside the rooms, for example, a hibiscus tree is painted on the wall above the headboard of the bed, so it feels almost as if guests are sleeping in the open air, and the predominance of blue and violet in the colour scheme deliberately evokes Korean ceramics. Naturally, the lighting design also helps create this soft, relaxed atmosphere. Some of the luminaires are quite spectacular, like the one in Bar 81, the hotel’s champagne bar, where the light is created in a cloud of glass bubbles. But while these attract all the attention, general lighting is provided by other subtler devices, like the Laser Blade and Laser Blade System 53, which are particularly effective in lofty environments. In the rooms, on the other hand, Underscore 6 luminaires have been installed in the false ceilings to emphasize the different depths and create islands of light, usually above the bed area, whereas recessed Laser luminaires are located along the edges of the room to underline the perimeter. Of particular note, here, are the headboard luminaires that provide accent lighting for reading. In transit areas, like the lobby or the junior Ball Room, Underscore and IN30 luminaires are used to emphasize the length and depth of the spaces, while accent lighting is provided by Laser Blades. Underscore devices are also used to emphasize certain architectural features like the staircase in the Fitness & SPA zone. In general, thanks to their minimal form, the iGuzzini luminaires blend in perfectly with the tower’s architectural structure and provide comfortable, diffuse, homogeneous, glare-free lighting that plays a decisive role in creating the pleasant atmosphere and relaxing welcome that the hotel projects.

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  • Year:
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    Lotte Hotels & Resorts
  • Architectural project:
    Wilsons Associates
  • Lighting project:
    Project Lighting Design (PLD) Pte Ltd
  • Photographer:
    Sam Nugroho

Project Quote

"...and hence it was extremely important to us that the lighting does justice to the beauty of the materials. [...]. We were dealing with a lot of double volume spaces, with spectacular views over Seoul, so it was a key consideration for us to use fixtures that deliver sufficient lumens but were yet ‘quiet’ and subdued at the same time. "

Project Lighting Design Pte Ltd - Peggy Tan

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