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Operating over two levels, the store is both an inspiring brand experience and a visual showcase. This shop lighting project utilizes numerous luminaires and light sources. From colour change LED’s to continuous lines of innovative track solutions, this store aims to excite from the moment you walk in.
The first floor required versatility and contrast: suspended track and spot lighting were the most suitable options. The Gabbiano track fitting offered the parallel between the merchandise and the luminaire, sharing qualities of mechanical and industrial appearance. The Elite Metal Halide lamps and high output reflectors produced the intensity needed on the bicycles, whilst offering long term efficiency for the retailer. The ceiling was dripping with formidable bicycles that were highlighted by triple optic, recessed Express fittings mounted between each bicycle.
The basement is where the visual impact of this shop lighting project kicks up a notch. Walking down the staircase, the individually suspended Le Perroquet’s guide you to the ‘wooded wave’ where each pod houses a selection of off-road bicycles. Bespoke system was used to reach over the edge of the wave, this system worked perfectly to illuminate the merchandise without interrupting the visual impact of the wave. In addition to the Bespoke, Express LED colour change fittings were also mounted in the wave to sprinkle light down the back of the curve, this worked well to add another dimension, helping to create movement and pace. The urban design in the basement was dressed in accent light to purposely create areas of intensity and shadow, remaining sympathetic to the surrounding Covent Garden architecture.
Finally the fit-out room utilises the Mixto fitting, offering the perfect blend between workable ambient light levels and retail contrast. This room really works to symbolise the professionalism of the retailer and focus the customer needs when creating the perfect bespoke bicycle.

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  • Architectural project:
    Nick Butterfield, Constantine Lykiard
  • Photographer:
    James Newton

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