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Tauromachy Art Centre

About Project

The Tauromachy Art Centre houses the Juan Barco collection that features over 300 artworks on the world of bullfighting. The museum has a total floorspace of 1,570 m² and is spread over five floors. Thanks to this centre, a visit to Malaga has become a must for anyone wishing to fully understand the art and culture of bullfighting.

The building, owned by the Malaga provincial administration, has already been refurbished twice. Once, by the architect, Luis Machuca SantaCruz, to create a museum context, and then a second time, by the architect, José Antonio González Vargas, to adapt the museum to suit the Juan Barco collection, one of the largest collection of artefacts regarding bullfighting in the world. The collection consists of a wide range of very different material, including posters, ceramics, sculptures, photographs, clothing and objects used in bullfighting, as well as fans and other curios owned by famous toreadors. Barco dedicated over 30 years of his life to building this collection. It was a remarkable feat of research and Barco said that he had not only left the better part of his estate to the town of Malaga, but, also, the better part of his life. 

The collection is made up individual works of great value by artists such as Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malaga, as well as Goya, Dalí, Alberti, Carnicero, Bennliure and many more. The luminaires used for the Juan Barco collection are recessed Laser Blade Wall Washers, which highlight and protect the works with perfect light distribution. The Wall Washer optics illuminate the walls evenly and the luminaire also offers perfect glare control.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Diputación provincial de Málaga
  • Architectural project:
    José Antonio Gonzalez Vargas
  • Photos:
    Luz y Arquitectura. Gala Martínez

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