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Product Type
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The Iso Omena shopping centre

About Project

so Omena (Finnish for “big apple”) is a pleasant shopping centre full of services and more than 180 stores focused on fashion, leisure and wellness, as well as the classic supermarket. The centre is part of the Citycon group, which builds and manages urban shopping centres in Northern Europe and the Baltic. It is the market leader in Finland, and amongst the market leaders in Norway, Sweden and Estonia. Citycon shopping centres are located in strategic points, with good connections to public transport, healthcare facilities and municipal services. The same Iso Omena is rapidly becoming the centre of the city and home to social and healthcare offices on the third floor. Functional and enjoyable, the design of the centre features white as the dominant colour and glass walls that maintain a constant relationship with outside, especially through the large skylight in the central area, above the square which is the meeting and relaxation point.

The artificial lighting is based on two luminaires: Laser Blade, positioned at irregular intervals in the false ceilings along the corridors that the shops open onto to create a feeling of movement and the pole top system Albero, which stands out in the central square, installed in the benches area, almost recalling the idea of a pleasant stop in the open air.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Citycon Oyj
  • Architectural project:
    HKP Arkkitehti Tolmisto
  • Lighting Designer:
    Granlund Oyj
  • Photographer:
    Mikael Linden