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The Marina Temple

About Project

The lighting concept for the Marina Temple seeks to achieve a high level of visual comfort for the purposes of prayer and study of the Torah, by combining a contemporary look with an ambient inspired by tradition, respect and liturgy, which is usually inherent to religious buildings. The materials used are wood and stone in warm hues, emphasised by the colour temperature of the artificial lighting. This consists of 3000K LED sources, managed by a control system with a high colour rendering index which optimises the tone and atmosphere of the space. The communal, study and reading areas were illuminated using Laser Blade luminaires, installed in the false wooden ceiling. In line with the varying heights of the ceiling, the homogeneous and highly diffused lighting was achieved using either 32- or 48-degree optics.

In the central hall, where readings of the Torah take place, Le Perroquet pendants provide accent lighting to the figure of the rabbi and enhance the aesthetics of the room in addition to illuminating it.

The Laser Blade High Contrast luminaires providing the general lighting are integrated into or between the structure’s wooden slats. This creates an appealing lantern effect throughout the temple which can also be seen from the outside, through the grid covering the building.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Comunidad Maguén David
  • Architectural project:
    Cherem Arquitectos, Mexico
  • Lighting project:
    artec3 Studio
  • Photographer:
    Jaime Navarro

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