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The Museum of Fine Arts

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The Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-Arts) in Lyon is one of the largest museums in both France and Europe.
Located in the centre of Lyon, in Place Bellecour, between the Rhône and Saône rivers, the museum is a splendid building housed in a former Benedictine convent built in the 17th century and restored between 1992 and 1997 by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. In its 70 rooms the visitor can enjoy an exceptional journey through art history, from the ancient to the modern. The museum regularly hosts major international exhibitions and cultural activities aimed at a wide range of people. The museum collections are constantly enhanced thanks to an acquisition policy that counts on donors, such as art lovers, collectors, descendants of artists and private and corporate patrons. 130 people work here every day and the museum hosts about 330,000 visitors a year.

In 2014, to comply with new European lighting standards and deal with the issue of replacing certain types of lamp that were going out of production, the museum's technical team launched a project to modernise the institution's lighting system. A series of tests were conducted onsite to try out new types of spotlight. These tests were carried out with a neutral assessment procedure, that is to say, without naming the manufacturers or the products tested. Numerous proposals were made, but iGuzzini's caught the attention of the museum curators by  meeting the requirements of both displaying the artworks and conserving them.
The solution adopted for the rooms containing paintings has noticeably improved the quality of perception of the artworks, as well as significantly reducing energy consumption and the number of luminaires required. A total of 344 Palco spotlights have been installed in the museum.

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    Musée des Beaux Arts
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    Didier Boy de la Tour

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