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The S32 - Fintech District building

About Project

In the dynamic Porta Garibaldi area, change continues to generate change. This is certainly true of the office complex recently redeveloped by the L22 Urban & Building business unit of the Lombardini22 studio. The building, named S32 - Fintech District, after Milan’s cutting edge technological finance district, boasts an innovative façade and has now become a versatile hub for this area.

L22’s design approach for this future office space has been to maximise efficiency and flexibility while also creating an innovative facade design, smoothly flowing spaces, and views from the inside towards the outside and vice-versa. The solutions adopted have also allowed procedures to begin for awarding the building platinum-level Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification that requires it to meet a number of important standards in terms of savings on resources, energy efficiency, choice of materials, low-energy lighting, and the quality of its interiors. 

S32 (also known as the Sassetti Tower) has a powerful identity that is intensified by its new, continuous, all-glass facade. Based on a grid of horizontal and vertical elements, this structure stretches up to and beyond the terrace, increasing the building’s sense of verticality and highlighting the cadence of its floors. The grid is illuminated by Trick luminaires fitted with 180° light blade optics and positioned on small spacer shelves to compensate for the inclination of the sills on which they are installed. This allows the luminaires to illuminate the frame of each square and as they can be seen from the inside they have been custom-painted to blend with the colour of the frame.

At night, then, the building is covered by a luminous grid that emphasizes its distinctive presence in this urban context. The interiors are mainly lit with single cell Laser Blade L High Contrast luminaires, fitted in the work areas with a Wide Flood optic positioned at 54°. In the various waiting and transit areas, this type of recessed luminaire is combined with 5 cell Laser Blade luminaires with a Wide Flood optic positioned at 48°. The luminaires have a 3000 K colour temperature and a very high colour rendering index (CRI 90). This ensures that anyone using these spaces can enjoy top quality artificial lighting that also highlights the carefully chosen furnishings and fittings. This focus on quality is also evident in the illumination of certain transit areas, like the stairs that lead down from the large terrace that offers a panoramic view over Milan, as well as being a useful place for organising corporate events or simply enjoying a break. Wall-mounted Full luminaires and ceiling-mounted iRoll 65 luminaires are positioned along the stairs and corridors, and occasionally combine with Underscore light lines. The terrace is illuminated by Light Up Balisage luminaires positioned along the edges and the Trick luminaires located on the floor below whose light effects continue the vertical thrust of the façade frames. To enhance the building’s atmosphere of refined elegance, a number of trees in large boxes, lit by Woody projectors, have been included in the design.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Gruppo Banca Sella
  • Architectural project:
    L22 Urban & Building - Lombardini 22 (2017)
  • Lighting project:
    L22 Urban & Building - Lombardini 22
  • Photographer:
    Luca Petrucci

Project Quote

"The illumination of the facade grid gives the building’s shell an extraordinary nocturnal three-dimensionality that makes it vibrant and enhances its presence in the urban scene."

Architect Marco Amosso, partner L22

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