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The Tammetta Hurra Enne Store

About Project

The new Tammetta Hurra Enne store is located just a stone’s throw from the historical centre of Fondi. It is a highly contemporary retail space where architectural expertise and spectacular interior design have combined to create original and innovative environments. The distinctive morphology and layout of the furnishings, the dynamic theatre-style lighting and a series of alternating visual and tactile effects create high-impact, iconic atmospheres that transform the store’s retail space into a place for meeting and sharing emotions. 

The design covers three large display spaces: the two showrooms and a third structure, connected to them at the back.  Due to planning constraints this space is relatively low and is therefore used as a transit area and display “gallery” to catch visitors’ attention. The “concept” behind the gallery’s design is that of a modern rendering of the rock layer effect of a “grotto”. The display experience therefore unfolds in a space whose three-dimensionality is emphasized by a series of consecutive layers, each with a different shape. The mirrors mounted on one side only enhance and complete this “grotto” effect”, while the iSight projectors, mounted on a standard track installed between the layers, underline their distinctive rhythms.

The two large display and sales halls have a different design focus as both feature a distinctive, rounded, inclusive sculptural element around which the rest of the display space revolves. In the first hall this is the sales counter, whereas in the second it is a large flower bed island with a tree in the centre, surrounded by sinuously shaped display shelves that present fashion accessories like works of art. Recessed Reflex COB luminaires, mounted on panels suspended around the perimeter of the hall, create distinctive accent lighting that expertly enhances the details of the items on display. In both these environments the illumination is a combination of general lighting created by Reflex COB recessed luminaires and accent lighting supplied by iSight projectors installed on recessed tracks.  

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Tammetta Hurra Enne
  • Architectural project:
    Linda De Luca
  • Photographer:
    Courtesy of Linda De Luca

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