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The Vodafone Village

About Project

The new Vodafone complex in Padua features 7,600 square metres of interconnected, multi-purpose work areas built with innovative materials and technologies that combine eco-sustainability and energy efficiency with flexible modern  spaces.  With an overall investment of more than 12 million euros, this project confirms Vodafone's close ties to the city and  surrounding area. Characterised by high standards of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency, the complex has been nominated for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the most respected, international  system for measuring the sustainability levels of buildings.  The new complex was designed by Diaspro, Impro and Sepro and constructed by Termigas Spa, while the Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects studio was responsible for the architectural and interior design.  The air conditioning plant features a system of low consumption ventilated cold beams and the lighting is system fitted with light and presence sensors. This has achieved energy savings of over 20% compared to traditional air conditioning systems, and 43% thanks to the use of LED lamps. The entire building has been constructed from locally sourced recycled materials, many of which can also be recycled in the future.  The interiors have an open space design with a lighting system that features LED-type luminaires such as the iPlan Easy Low Contrast for general lighting in communal areas and iPlan Easy with controlled luminance micro-prismatic screens  and a colour temperature of 4000K for the open space computer zones. Thanks to these choices an optimal level of light  uniformity has been achieved in the work areas that fully complies with the UNI EN 12464 workplace lighting standard. 

In the entrance and transit areas, the main aim was to create a lighting system in harmony with the modern design of these interiors and their sharp contours and sleek materials and finishes.  In this project, in particular, the Laser Blade High Contrast family of products has succeeded in meeting both design needs and building site requirements, thanks to its minimal design and wide range of optics. These include the Flood optic for the entrance area and the Wall Washer optic for the transit zones. The Laser Blade High Contrast luminaires blend in perfectly with the architecture of the building, maintaining its spatial symmetry and enhancing its special surface textures. Moreover, the product’s rapid-fit design and compact size means that it was extremely easy to install.  The Conference Hall is lit with a combination of functional and graphic lighting. For the former, a frameless version of the Laser Blade High Contrast luminaire was chosen so as not to disturb the visual impact of the hall’s design. And Underscore 15/18 Hi-Power graphic luminaires were also installed as the device highlights and emphasizes the dynamic contours of the ceiling without disturbing the purity of its design. In general, the continual exchange of information and the excellent working relationship established with the architects, Luca Gonzo and Monica Lirosi from Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects have combined to create a lighting design with a harmonious rhythm that blends perfectly with the structure’s design. 

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  • Year:
  • Client:
  • Designer:
    Diaspro, Impro and Sepro
  • Architectural project:
    Studio Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects
  • Construction:
    Termigas Spa
  • Photographer:
    Beppe Raso