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Cylindrical pole - Pole for burial L=8000 diam. 120mm

Product Information

  • Size (mm): ø120x7000, Weight (kg): 72.00
  • Base diameter (mm): 120.00
  • Diameter Shank: 102.00
  • Height above ground (mm): 7000.00
  • Height under ground (mm): 1000.00
  • Thickness (mm): 3.00
  • Hatch width (mm): 45.00
  • Hatch height (mm): 186.00

Available colours

Technical Specifications

Installation information

  • Installation: The pole is designed for burial, with the buried part measuring 1000 mm. To protect the pole, a corrosion-resistant protective sheath can be applied to the area in contact with the ground. The sheath is not included with the pole accessories. Upon request, a pole base plate can be used (code 1841), consisting of two parts which can be joined together, made of die-cast aluminium, 420 mm in diameter and 122 mm high.
  • Wiring: The electric power cable enters through the slot located 350 mm from the base of the metal cylinder, and measures 150x50 mm. The pole has a hole for securing the earthing lug, designed to accommodate the external earth cable. It is located 70 mm from the ground, is 11 mm in diameter, and is secured using M8x17 mm A2 stainless steel screws.
Accessories (3)
  • 0227

    Spanner for inspection lid
    • 00 Indeterminate
  • BZM7

    Closing cap ø120mm for poles with end part ø102mm
    • 15 Grey
  • 1862

    Terminal board for poles with D=102mm
    • 00 Indeterminate
This accessory can be used with the following product codes (1522)