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Light for Future | Tomorrow is now. Towards a culture of sustainability

On 8 July, Recanati was the backdrop of an entire day dedicated to Light for Future: a three-year project of architectural and urban improvement, aimed at raising awareness amongst residents and visitors of the importance of environmental sustainability. 

The aim is to encourage a series of discussions and actions to increase awareness on climate change and encourage social well-being using creative light. 


1. Tomorrow is now. Towards a culture of sustainability

The seminar aims to create a moment to reflect, share and examine matters of environmental and social sustainability more closely, to set in motion positive change for a better future, starting now.

Language: Italian



2. Light and creativity: communicate identity and sustainability

The seminar will present 4 unique creative and narrative solutions developed by lighting designers aimed at strengthening the sense of community and raising awareness among residents and visitors on the topic of environmental sustainability.

Language: English


3. Lighting up Recanati

8/7/2021 - 21:30
From the Sant'Agostino Cloisters, passing through the Cloisters of Palazzo Venieri, the aqueduct tower, Porta San Filippo and the Multisala Sabbatini, we come to the Convent of the Poor Clares along a lit path of urban regeneration, conceived by the set designer Giancarlo Basili and created by Arup, Speirs Major, Licht Kunst Licht and Light Bureau.

Click here, to find out more about the project.
Light for Future is a project sponsored by the Town of Recanati and iGuzzini Illuminazione in collaboration with the International Association of Lighting Design IALD, the Fine Arts Academy in Macerata and the Adriatic Electricity Company, DEA, under the artistic management of the set designer, Giancarlo Basili.
Light for Future