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Light Shed 14 pendant

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Product Details

  • Luminaires of different lengths complete with high efficiency LEDs.
  • Body made of extruded painted aluminium and a thermoplastic raster with a white finish or a patented "Opti Diamond" technology, translucent textured thermoplastic raster created with a catadioptric system and no galvanic treatments. 
  • Down or up/down light emission, UGR<19 L<3000 cd/mq α > 65°, for use in environments with video monitors in compliance with EN 12464-1.
  • Possibility of pendant installation using kit to be ordered separately as an accessory. The luminaire can be installed individually or in a continuous line, creating an uninterrupted light line.
  • Smart modules to be ordered separately: Organic Response sensor, WiSilica Bluetooth interfaces and sensor, Casambi interface,  DALI-2 sensor.

Colours available for Light Shed 14 pendant

  • 01 White
  • G0 White / White transparent
  • G1 Black / Black transparent
  • G2 Black / White transparent

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