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Light for Future

The project promoted by the Municipality of Recanati and iGuzzini lighting in collaboration with IALD, The Fine Arts Academy in Macerata and DEA under the artistic coordination of Giancarlo Basili, has won the regional call for tenders to enhance historic town centres in the Marche region.

Light for Future, incorporated into the three-year regional Culture plan 2021-2023, has won the Regional Council's call for tenders for artistic installations aimed at enhancing villages and the historic centres of towns in the Marche region. The announcement arrives in conjunction with the "International Day of Light", the annual event promoted by UNESCO on the 16 May that emphasises the importance of light and its role in everyday lives. The theme of the call for tenders for 2021 is “light design” intended as work capable of promoting an effective interaction between urban surroundings and modern art-creativity to transform places into lively, proactive locations.

The project, promoted by the Municipality of Recanati and iGuzzini illuminazione in collaboration with the International Lighting Design Association IALD, the Fine Arts Academy in Macerata and the Adriatic Electricity Company DEA under the artistic management of the set designer, Giancarlo Basili, involves the architectural lighting of several significant locations together with the projection of images capable of communicating with people as part of a lighting and narrative path aimed at raising awareness amongst citizens and visitors of the importance of environmental sustainability.

“We are extremely satisfied with the result. To be selected further demonstrates that Recanati intends to invest in culture and projects in collaboration with the territory’s excellences. Once again teamwork has brought success. The artistic installations that will be installed will help to improve the historic centre and also the sociality and inclusion for our community”, says Rita Soccio, Cultural Councilor Municipality of Recanati.

The Scientific Advisory Committee is led by set designer Giancarlo Basili and includes sociologist Domenico De Masi, and architect Mario Cucinella - together with the Municipality of Recanati, iGuzzini, IALD (in the figure of lighting designer Susanna Antico) and the Fine Arts Academy (in the figure of Francesca Cecarini). In addition to the architectural lighting in some parts of the town's historic centre, the project foresees the projection of images resulting from a call to action launched by IALD and iGuzzini to four of the most important international lighting design studios - Arup, Licht Kunst Licht, Light Bureau and Speirs Major - on the use of light as a tool for social innovation and urban redevelopment. The four studios designed creative concepts of their own interpretation of environmental sustainability, which will be applied in different locations throughout Recanati.

"We are enthusiastic about taking part in this project which is so important for Recanati and which we have firmly believed in together with the city administration. It is a further commitment by the company to researching and developing solutions capable of enhancing places of significant cultural and social value, which in this case happens to be our hometown. Thanks to creativity and light, we hope to promote our town, projecting it into the future but with its roots firmly planted in its history, culture, architecture and landscape", says Adolfo Guzzini, President Emeritus of iGuzzini illuminazione.

Light for Future is another step forward for the architectural and environmental heritage of Recanati aimed at increasing its attractiveness, its tourist appeal, and boosting its cultural identity. The architectural and creative lighting will enhance some of the most characteristic places in the historic centre: the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, the Chiostro di Palazzo Venieri, the Acquedotto Civico, the Porta San Filippo, the Former Cinema Nuovo and the Convento delle Clarisse.
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