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MultiPro pole mounted

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Lighting Effects

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Product Details

  • Street lighting system for use with metal halide and sodium discharge lamps.
  • Fitting has an optical assembly (iPro large body), component-holding box and adjustable bracket.
  • Optical assembly and front frame made of die-cast aluminium alloy; transparent sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, thickness 5 mm, siliconed to frame; the frame is fitted to the optical assembly with two M5 captive screws and galvanized steel retention cable.
  • Circular and asymmetrical longitudinal reflectors made of 99.93% superpure aluminium subjected to anodic oxidation process and polishing; asymmetrical transversal reflector made of 99.85% superpure aluminium subjected to anodic oxidation process.
  • Extruded aluminium bracket with silk-screened graduated scale on both sides (easy aiming).
  • No upward emission of light flow.
  • Adjustable optical assembly.
  • Luminaire ready for pass-through wiring.
  • Class II luminaire, set up for class I.
  • All screws are A2 stainless steel.

Colours available for MultiPro pole mounted

  • 01 White
  • 15 Grey

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