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Il sistema Citygrid offre tutti i componenti per la gestione della della luce in ambito urbano, dal singolo apparecchio fino all’intero impianto, on site e da remoto. La programmazione avviene tramite un’app intuitiva ed è possibile configurare l’impianto a più livelli, dal plug&play fino al connesso.

Stand alone Plug&Play
Ideal in residential areas. Movement sensors, in the lower Zhaga connection, allow the luminous flux to be regulated up to the defined level, based on the presence of people.

Inter-connected system Plug&Play or Customizable
Ideal for urban and residential settings. The movement sensor, in the lower Zhaga connection, adjusts the luminous flux up to the defined level, while a controller in the upper Zhaga connection communicates the information to the next poles.

Cloud connected system
By integrating a gateway into the pole or cabinet, all the data detailing the interconnected system can be sent to the Cloud for remote processing of statistics and managing the system, as well as sending an alert in the event of malfunctions.

CMS integration
Integrated in smart cities. The lighting system can also be connected to the City Management System, via API (Application Programming Interface), thereby allowing all the systems to the smart city set-up to be managed with a single city control system (e.g. irrigation, traffic, pollution).

Citygrid App by Seneco
Strumento di configurazione facile da usare per l'installazione e la manutenzione del controller Citygrid. Facilita la configurazione dell'intensità della luce, l'azione del sensore di movimento e molto altro. Tutti i dati inseriti o recuperati tramite l'app vengono salvati nel nostro database Cloud per una facile gestione delle risorse.

Scarica Citygrid App

Product Details

  • Citygrid is a wireless control system that increases energy saving in street, park, cycle path and car park type applications.
  • The mesh communication system uses 6LoWPAN protocol and communications are AES-128 encrypted to ensure a high level of security.
  • The system has solutions for products with a Zhaga attachment (controllers/sensors) and DALI products (controllers with pole-installed sensors).
  • The system is scalable as it can function in the following ways: 
    • autonomous, Plug&Play (standalone) with no need for programming and functioning with default parameters. 
    • interconnected between luminaires, Plug&Play with no need for programming and default parameters, that can be edited using the app + Dongle.
    • interconnected between luminaires and connected to a cloud with a gateway and initial commissioning via app + Dongle.
  • If the cloud-connected system is used, monitoring and remote management can be exploited using the Dashboard Citygrid with analytic and reporting functions and email alerts in case of malfunctioning.
  • It can also be integrated with third-party systems thanks to available APIs (e.g. GIS system and software interfaces for Smart City).
  • The firmware is updated in simple mode (via over-the-air firmware updates).

Colours available for CityGrid

  • 15 Grey
  • 00 Indeterminate
  • 04 Black

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