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Light Shed 60 Linen pendant

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Light Shed 60 Pendant Configurator

Light Shed 60 Pendant Configurator

Design your Light Shed 60 pendant: the Configurator will allow you to customize all its features, check its photometric performance, and download installation info and quantities list.

Application imagery for Light Shed 60 Linen pendant

Product Details

  • 596x596mm luminaire for suspended or recessed installation on modular grid - LED source with high colour rendering index.
  • High energy efficiency value.
  • Body in NFPP (Natural Fiber Polypropylene) produced with Bio-Based material (material with biological origin that has the primary advantage of being obtainable from a renewable source).
  • Product with high-efficiency LEDs complete with MPO screen for UGR<19 L<3000 cd/mq α > 65°, in compliance with EN 12464-1 standard, for use in environments with the use of video terminals.
  • The DALI driver is free to be placed inside the installation compartment as foreseen in the instruction sheet.
  • Possibility of suspension installation by means of accessories to be ordered separately. 
  • DALI-2 and CASAMBI versions.

Colours available for Light Shed 60 Linen pendant

  • S0 Écru

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