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Linealuce Mini 37 recessed

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

• Direct light luminaire, designed to use monochrome LED lamps.
• Recessed installation for the floor, wall and ceiling.
• Fitting has a body and outer casing for installation (which can be ordered separately).
• Extruded aluminium body, with diecast aluminium end caps complete with silicone gaskets. Coated with liquid acrylic paint with a high level of weather and UV ray resistance.
• Optical assembly closed at the top with a transparent-finished or nonslip glass screen (in compliance with R12 class according to DIN 51130), fixed with silicone.
• Aluminium outer casing to be ordered separately. Static load resistance 1000 kg.
• Complete with multi-LED power plate in Warm White (2700K), Warm White (300K), Neutral White (4000K) with 24V dc electronic ballast to be ordered separately; 24V dc smart driver allowing constant light flow emission despite variations in the input voltage (from 30V dc to 16V dc). • Versions available: White Tuning (White LED 2700K-4000K-6000K), RGB and Real White coloured LED versions (RGBW and WRGBW Features with White LED 4000K), with 48V dc electronic circuit (ballast to beordered separately).
• Fitted with a PMMA diffusion filter and optics with plastic (methacrylate) lens for Wall Grazing and flood lighting.
• PWM dimmable monochrome LED versions: set up for pass- through wiring with two PG11 nickel-plated brass cable glands suitable for ø 6.5-11mm cables contained in a thermoplastic box fixed to the optical assembly.
• Dimmable monochrome LED, White Tuning, RGB and Real White versions: Vin=48V dc electronic ballasts to be ordered separately, internal driver (DALI version upon request), contained in a special extruded aluminium side box, with die-cast aluminium end caps complete with silicone seals, two nickel-plated brass cable glands PG13.5 and double outgoing cable for pass-through wiring.
• All external screws used are made of A2 stainless steel.
• The luminaire technicalcharacteristics conform to EN60598-1 standards and special requirements.

Colours available for Linealuce Mini 37 recessed

  • 15 Grey

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