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lluminación de hoteles, restaurantes


Hospitality & Living Lighting

Hospitality & Living Lighting

Lighting for tourists structures

Lighting for tourist structures, such as hotels and restaurants, primarily aims to create an effective synergy with elements of the interior architecture. The great diversity of the rooms which make up this type of complex means that when designing lighting for tourist structures, a clear distinction must be established between the different functions of light: from restaurant lighting to hotel lighting, from meeting room lighting to more generalised hospitality lighting.

As well as considering the quality of light by establishing specific tones and colours, it is important to identify solutions which reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance. Indoor wall and ceiling mounted luminaires are the most widely used types of products, normally with light control systems which facilitate control, reduce consumption and allow scheduled maintenance.
The lighting of tourist structure exteriors is determined based on whether the area is used for vehicles, such as roads and car parks, or for guests on foot. 


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