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Double Dynamic Lighting Research

In this new dynamic lighting approach, the sky-type and daylight inflow are taken into consideration actively, bringing the dynamic office lighting to life instead of only meeting the static illuminan

The daylight components, direct warm sunlight and diffuse cool skylight are the main source of inspiration for working with a unique combination of dynamic interaction between directional task lighting and diffuse ambient lighting, with respective intensities and colour temperatures to create naturally perceived luminous variations in the office environment. Since 2017 the lighting technology and solution partners Tridonic, iGuzzini, Fagerhult and Zumtobel have teamed up with Aalborg University to develop and scientifically validate the ambitious Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) concept. This new lighting design concept of dynamic indoor lighting for office environments demonstrates how advanced responsive lighting technology can bring the office lighting to life by bringing the qualities of natural light into the office and thereby improve the indoor lighting environment and work engagement. The Double Dynamic Lighting is embracing the dynamic qualities of daylight, referring to multisensory human perception of unpredictability, naturalness, flow of light, light modelling effect and personal light zones.

You can downlowad the DDL white paper here.


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